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IDEC Smart Relay FL1F



Intelligently Designed

Look around. IDEC SmartRelays are in everything from lighting controls to ice-making machines and grocery store misters. Proving reliable time after time, these intelligent logic modules are the ideal controller for simple automation tasks. A new sixth-generation of SmartRelays offer functions to give you even more flexibility and convenience. Advances include extended memory, a brighter display with higher LCD contrast, improved analog and high-speed inputs, an external text display, and upgraded programming software.


Visual Interface

An external Text Display Panel, which mimics the CPU display, is also available to provide an additional operator interface point. A maximum 6 lines and 20 characters. Using standard Ethernet cable, the Text Display Panel can be easily connected to the FL1F SmartRelay base module without the need for special interface cable. The new SmartRelay TDP also offers selectable white, orange, and red backlighting for optical emphasis.



Up to 16 FL1F SmartRelays can be configured to communicate on the network



iOS and Android Apps

Monitor and Control your machine from your Mobile device 
• Download free IDEC Apps from Apple App Store or Google Play

• Enable you to view I/O status, change analog set points, and Timer and Counter value with your iPhone, iPad or Android devices.

• A convenient to stay on top of your system


Industrial Facility Systems

• Conveyor systems 
• Elevator controls 
• Exhaust and filtering systems • Automatic food dispensing machines 
• Water treatment and irrigation systems 
• Motor, pump and valve controls



Unique Solutions

• Solar-electric systems 
• Marine systems 
• Extreme environmental conditions 
• Display panels and traffic light controls 
• Energy management



Housing and Building Management

• Lighting controls (outside and inside) 
• Door and gate controls 
• Heating and cooling systems 
• Shutter, sun blind and awning controls 
• Water and sprinkler systems 
• Ventilation systems


Monitoring Systems

• Access controls 
• Alarm systems 
• Limit level monitoring 
• Parking Lot monitoring 
• Baggage control




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