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PVR Media Isolation Valve Series

KOGANEI PVR Media Isolation Valve Series
Compact 2- and 3-Port Media Isolation Valve PVR series
Your advancement in Media Isolation Valves is HERE!!! 

Koganei is proud to deliver both a direct acting AND air pilot valve for use in life science and other unique media (including liquid) applications. We are proud to offer our newest innovation exclusively through our authorized Koganei distribution network. 

Features include: 
10 million cylce life 

Captive Mounting Screws 

Cv = 0.04 with contamination less than 35 µL 

Matching mounting footprint for both solenoid and air pilot models 


・Compact with a large flow rate. 1.6mm (0.063 in) orifice diameter and 10mm (0.394 in) width indirect acting 2- and 3-port solenoid and air-operated valves for media isolation.

・Rocker-type with an internal volume of less than 35micro liter.

・Air-operated and solenoid valves have identical mounting foot print.



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