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Baumer FSDK10(Emitter) - FEDK10(Receiver) Series Sensors

Baumer FSDK10(Emitter) - FEDK10(Receiver) Series Sensors

Detection of objects at a great distance – through beam sensors have the longest ranges.

Monitoring of doors and entrances.

Due to the good repeatability throughout the entire range, positioning of objects.

Reliable detection of high-gloss objects such as mirrors, wafers or chrome-plated surfaces.

Technology and operation
  • The active area of a through beam sensor is equal to the diameter of the lens of the receiver or emitter. The acceptance zone of the emitter and receiver is larger. However, this is only important for adjustment and for operation close to glossy surfaces. With focused through beam laser sensors, the active area is the diameter of the laser beam if this is smaller than the receiver lens or the front opening at the receiver end.
The emitter and receiver must be aimed at each other. The narrower the angle of radiation and reception, the more accurately this must be conducted.
A separate emitter sends a light beam to a separate receiver. The sensor switches when the light beam is interrupted. Since light is only traveling in one direction, much larger sensing ranges are possible when compared with equivalent sized retro-reflective sensors.


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