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B3E1 MiniMizer, 10-32 ports Cv 0.01

The Mini-Mizer B3E1 Series Solenoid Valves have 10-32 UNF and 1/32" orifice.
Direct-operating solenoid valve has small size and extremely low wattage. 
Functions in a wide temperature range 0°F to 150°F.
Ideal for battery operation, micro processor controlled and printed circuit board type applications.
No lubrication required.
Available in 2- or 3-way models.
The Mini-Mizer Valves have the several mounting options, including the rugged, extruded aluminum MTL and DMTL Series Manifolds, Bottom Inlet (code BIN), and the plastic MZ1 and DMZ1 Series Manifolds.
Air or other gases. Consult factory for vacuum and others.
Made in the USA.


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