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JVL MAC000-B1/B2/B4/B41 Expansion Modules

Expansion modules MAC00-B1, B2 and B4 — overall description
The expansion modules MAC00-B1, B2 and B4 can be mounted in all the standard MAC motors up to MAC800. These modules are among the simplest and lowest cost modules in the product range. The modules contain no intelligence (microprocessor).
Typical applications for these expansion modules are:

•Closed loop systems with an overall controller involved.

•Replacement for pneumatic cylinders using the “Air Cylinder mode”

•Dispenser systems

•Simple velocity or torque control via +/-10V input.

•Machine adjustment/setup by sending RS232 or RS485 commands.



MAC00-B41 is a module intended to be used with the complete range of the integrated MAC servo motors except MAC50-141 where it have limited functions.
The module is a general purpose module that has all the MAC00-B4 functions but extended with the following I/O functions: 

6 digital I/O (24V tolerant).

2 analogue 12 bit inputs.

2 multi function RS422 channels, e.g. for encoder in/out.

Dual supply feature for safe motor stop.

Galvanic isolated RS232 and RS485.

New simple and robust internal generation 2 connector.

M12 industrial connectors for simple, safe and watertight connection.

USB interface







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