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JVL MAC00-R1/R3/R4 Expansion Modules

The expansion modules MAC00-R1, R3 and R4 can be mounted on standard MAC motors MAC50, MAC95, MAC140, MAC141, MAC400 and MAC800.
These option modules are also called “nanoPLC” modules as they perform like a small programmable logic controller with a small number of digital I/Os.
The module makes it possible to perform simple positioning, speed and/or torque control via 8 digital inputs which all are galvanically isolated and can be operated with 24V control signals from for example a PLC or external sensors.
Typical applications for these expansion modules are in stand-alone systems where the MAC motor must be able to operate as a complete positioning system without the need for an external PLC or computer.
Please note that it is also possible to change or read parameters such as position, speed etc. during operation using the serial nterface.
Applications typically include:

- Replacement for pneumatic cylinders.

- Dispenser systems

- Turntables

- Simple pick and place systems

- Machine adjustment/setup.










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