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JVL MIS34x Integrated Stepper Motor Series

The Quickstep series of stepper motors with integrated electronics represents a major step forward. The stepper motor, encoder, driver, controller, indexer are built-into the motor so they form a closed unit with high IP protection.
The integrated motor provides easy setup, programming, installation and use.
The advantages of this solution are:

• Compact. Does not take up space in cabinet.

• De-central intelligence. PLC built-in.

• Simple installation. No cable between motor and driver.

• EMC safe. Switching noise remains in the motor.

• Low cost compared to step or servomotor with separate driver.


The new integrated stepper motor offer RS485 and CANopen serial interface and programmable motion controller.

Wireless or Industrial Ethernet are optional. All the necessary electronics in a stepper system are integrated in the motor itself.


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