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Baumer My-Com A Precision Switch

Precision mechanical switches My-Com®
Micrometer precision: 70 times more accurate than a hair is thick!
With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical switch in the world.
The standard My-Com® range of the most diverse mechanical and electric types largely reflects the requirements of the market. With its extremely compact design, the My-Com® can also be easily integrated in very constrained surroundings.
  •  Conical housing front
  • •Two wire break function (NC)
  • •IP 50
Rigorous attention was paid to the design of the My-Com® precision switch to reduce the number of components to an absolute minimum. Just three moving parts and high-quality materials guarantee a large number of switching operations with constant repeat accuracy.
Short, linear displacements in just two directions and low activating forces further increase the reliability and service life of the My-Com® precision switch. The My-Com® has proven its impressive reliability in over 1 million applications.
Typical applications for the My-Com® high-precision switches are:
  • „„„„Reference point setting in X/Y tables and machine tools
  • Monitoring of the closing and locking accuracy of injection molding dies
  • Detection of the smallest deflections, movements and deformations
  • Integration in measuring sensors, gauges and activating pins
  • „„Calibration of measuring instruments in quality control
  • Monitoring of surface roughness
  • Other applications in precision mechanical engineering
Precision finishing
Referencing XY-tables on machine tools
Quality control
  • Concentricity check in measuring gauge
  • „„Checking parts for correct thickness
  • „„Monitoring concentricity
Laboratory test setups
  • Referencing mirrors and beam-splitters
  • „„Home position sensor
  • „„Precision referencing                                                                                                         


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