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Baumer PosCon 3D Series Sensor

PosCon 3D – your edge specialist
Take the easy way with Baumer PosCon 3D for exact and reliable edge measurement
The compact sensor is an efficient alternative to complex laser measuring systems used in different applications where other solutions would fail. PosCon 3D reliably measures edge positions as well as object and gap widths without external software, processing device or reflector. It is easy to install, quick to configure, and low-maintenance in operation.
Easy installation and operation

PosCon 3D is installed as easily as a light sensor

Only four steps to get ready: Install, align to the object, select language and measuring mode. That’s it

Visible class 1 laser line for easy and safety commissioning 

Time saving installation by referencing the optical axis to the mounting holes (qTarget™)


The sensor reliably measures objects with different colors and surfaces; even when these are changing

Distance-independent measurement even at radial or axial runout

Even substantial ambient light will not affect the measurement 

Low-maintenance: the sensor does not require a reflector prone to soiling

Soiled lens warning (weak received signal) for optimal process support

The switching output can be configured as process control output (acting as a limit switch

Powerful and flexible

Precise measurement without complex sensor alignment. The measuring values are displayed directly in millimeters; time-consuming conversion will be handled by the integrated smart algorithms and powerful coordinate transformation

Cost reduction in system planning and commissioning by allowing flexible sensor installation in any position with a lateral angle of +/- 30 °





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