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Baumer PosCon Series Sensor

Edge sensor PosCon
Precise detection of thin and transparent objects
The PosCon has a diverging measuring field. This makes large measuring areas of up to 800 mm possible. The specified measuring area is achieved at the nominal distance.
It becomes larger or smaller proportionally with the distance. This causes an object to appear larger or smaller according to the distance.
PosCon edge sensors are used to detect object widths and object positions. The position / width is issued as an analog value with high accuracy proportional to the overall measuring area.
Although smaller than a deck of playing cards, the sensors contain not only the complete signal conditioning, but also a long-life illumination unit.

Efficient: one sensor is able to measure objects on the complete width of a belt conveyor

Measurement is possible on transparent objects and films

The measuring area can be restricted by a simple Teach-in process to suppress interfering objects and areas

Easy handling: The three different measuring modes (width, edge, center) can be set simply by a push of a button

Two threshold values can be programmed with the Teach-in button and serve as tolerance limits for the switching output

Flexibility: all functions available with the buttons can also be operated via an RS 485 interface

The position and other information can be read via the interface 

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