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Baumer O300.RR Series Sensor


The O300 is the latest addition to the NextGen sensor series.  The Compact sensor fits into the tightest spots and provides an unparalled performance level.
O300 is the Baumer approach to the 1-inch dimension which evolved to become the international standard in most diverse industries.
The O300 has the following new features:
  • qTeach: Convenient and reliable teach procedure through closed housing features easy operability without wear.
  • OneBox Design: One housing design with different sensor technology.
  • qTarget:  Thanks to an optimum sensor configuration in which the optical components are aligned towards one another by design, the light beam of the Baumer sensors always hits the defined target.
  • Aline: Innovative, powerful, CMOS Opto-ASIC for fast and temperature-stable sensors with high ambient light immunity.


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