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IDEC FC4A-HPC3 Communication Module

MicroSmart RS485 Comm. Module

Type:  Communication Exp. Module

Serial Port:  1 (RS485)

Notes:  Compatible with slim FC4A and FC5A CPUs only


All MicroSmart CPU modules have communication port 1 for RS232C communication. In addition, all-in-one type CPU modules have a port 2 connector.
An optional communication adapter can be installed on the port 2 connector for RS232C or RS485 communication. A communication module can be attached to any slim type CPU module to use port 2 for additional RS232C or RS485 communication.
When the HMI base module is attached to a slim type CPU module, a communication adapter can be installed to the port 2 connector on the HMI base module.
 With the RS485 communication adapter or communication module installed, maintenance communication, user communication, data link communication, and Modbus master and slave communication can be used on port 2.
Key Features
·         Configure as Port 2
·         Screw terminal type


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