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IDEC FC5A-SIF2/FC5A-SIF4 Communication Modules

Only IDEC offers communication modules that enable you to configure up to seven serial devices. Now you can connect your operator interface, PC, barcode reader, RFID equipment, printer and more.
Using the MicroSmart Pentra CPU, you can configure up to seven communication ports. Using the All-in-one MicroSmart Pentra you can communicate with up to five serial devices.
A communication module can be attached to any slim type CPU module to use port 2 for additional RS232C or RS485 communication. When the HMI base module is attached to a slim type CPU module, a communication adapter can be installed to the port 2 connector on the HMI base module.
 When using the RS232C communication adapter or communication module for port 2,  maintenance communication, user communication, and modem communication are  made possible.
 With the RS485 communication adapter or communication module  installed,  maintenance communication, data link communication, and user  communication  (upgraded CPU modules of slim 20-I/O relay output types and 40-I/O  types only)  can  be used on port 2.


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