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IDEC EB3L Series Lamp Barriers

Intrinsic Safety Lamp Barriers are essential components of an intrinsically safe application. These devices are to limit the voltage and current to prevent ignition in hazardous areas.
126 different types of pilot lights and buzzers can be connected. Illuminated push buttons and selector switches also can be used with the combination of EB3L lamp and EB3C relay barriers.

Key Features:

Zone 0/Class 1 Division 1 locations

IEC60079 compliant

Compact and lightweight (46% footprint and 36% weight compared to IDEC’s 10-circuit IBPL)

8- and 16-channel types are available in common wiring types, ideal for connection to PLCs. 16-circuit types are also available with a connector.

Universal AC power voltage (100 to 240V AC or 24V DC power [UL rating: 100 ~ 120V AC])

No grounding required

IDEC’s original spring-up terminal minimizes wiring time.

Installation, 35-mm-wide DIN rail mounting or direct screw mounting






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