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IDEC Automation Organizer Software Suite

Automation Organizer is the IDEC automation software suite that combines the intuitive WindLDR and WindO/I-NV2 software with the new system layout and configuration tool, WindCFG, into one package.
WindO/I-NV2 software is the simplest programming tool for all IDEC OI Touchscreens (4.6” HG1F, 5.7” HG2G, 10.4” HG3F and 12.1” HG4G Series). It is used to create projects or programs that can display information from a PLC, process status, or can be used to input data with virtual switches or keypads to make changes to a process. The objects are extremely easy to configure with the help of step-by-step navigation. 
Highlights of WindOINV2
Built-in Serial and Networking Protocols This will allow IDEC Touchscreens to locally or remotely communicate with IDEC or other major brand PLC manufacturers. IDEC Touchscreen’s communications capabilities expand well beyond IDEC brand PLCs. Over 100 major PLC protocols are supported: Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Automation Direct (Koyo), Keyence, GE, Modicon, Siemens, Sharp, and many more.
All IDEC micro controllers are programmable with WindLDR® ladder logic software. This icon-driven programming tool combines logic and intuition with an incredibly easy-to-use interface to allow you to take advantage of every MicroSmart feature. Even without ladder program experience, you can use the built-in editors, shortcuts and debuggers to configure programs.
WindCFG is a System Configuration tool. It let’s you create a visual layout of your system design and basic configuration of the IDEC PLCs and OI Touchscreens, Barcode Readers, & other peripheral devices for the purpose of manual or documentation.
  • Print configuration of each component used & the option to print BOM (Bill of Material) for documentation purposes.

  • View cable part numbers and wiring diagrams for documentation purposes

  • In WindCFG, you can manage one single program file!

  • Create 1:1 Serial communication using IDEC OI & PLC and launch WindOI-NV2 and WindLDR to build the program files.

  • Address, Tag Names, Comments, and other type of data will be easily accessible and shared between WindO/I-NV2 & WindLDR software.





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