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Ultra Clean UC-HL-1-3.5 Hardware Kit


·         Capable of cleaning 1/8” through 3-1/2” hose,tube or pipe.


·         UC-HL3.5 Launcher is supplied with a Full Flow Quick Release Coupling and unique 360 degree Rotary Plug for proper air flow and non-fatigue operator use.


·         UC-HL3.5 Launcher requires a UC-AR2 adapter ring for nozzles 1/8" through 1-1/4" and a UC-AR3 for nozzles 1-1/2" and 2". The unique UC-U55/90Universal Nozzle (2-1/8" through 3-1/2") does not require an adapter ring.


·         Manufactured from precision machined aluminum and fully anodized for harsh environments and heavy use.


·         Ideal for production hose and tube shops, mobile hose fabricators and job site applications because of its simplistic design, size and portability.







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