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Ultra Clean UC-AL

Cleaning hose, tube or pipe has never been easier! Cleaning just takes seconds to perform and ISO 13/10 levels are achievable! Ultra Clean is the only manufacturer that offers a variety of options for cleaning hose, hose assemblies, tube, and pipe up to 4½” ID.
The Ultra Clean AutoLoader is the most comprehensive automatic projectile loading, launching and verification system on the market today.
It is a fully customizable machine that is integratable with your current automatic hose fabrication facility and tube manufacturing processes.
The AutoLoader is equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), built-in air ionizer for removing static electricity, stainless steel Firing Station Cabinet, and voltage convertor for converting incoming electricity from 110v AC-60 Hz (or 240v AC-50Hz) to 24v DC, and comes with appropriate electrical cord for easy installation.



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