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Ultra Clean UC-BM 1.25

Cleaning hose, tube or pipe has never been easier! Cleaning just takes seconds to perform and ISO 13/10 levels are achievable! Ultra Clean is the only manufacturer that offers a variety of options for cleaning hose, hose assemblies, tube, and pipe up to 4½” ID.
The Bench Mount Launcher is a production facility launcher designed to maximize productivity and reduce operator fatigue while keeping cleaning time to an absolute minimum. The pneumatic foot switch makes this launcher effortless to operate with a cycle time of just 1.2 seconds!
The Bench Mount launcher is made of sleek stainless steel housing with anodized aluminum internal components and is equipped with a 5-micron air filter, pneumatic foot switch, twin-line air hose and your choice of 7 nozzles up to 1¼”.
This launcher handles applications from 1/8” up to 1¼”matic projectile loading system for production facilities. 


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