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Suburban Heavy Duty Cinch Strap

Heavy Duty series Python Hook & Loop™ Straps are designed for severe industrial applications. The Heavy Duty series is reinforced with Ballistic Cordura® nylon, then ultrasonic welded to 1-1/2" hook & loop material. All hardware is nickel-plated steel.

Cinching Straps are designed for hose bundling: Python Hook & Loop™ Straps allow hoses to expand and contract as pressure changes.
How the Python touch fastener works:
The hooks and loops can be used many times because the they are woven with very strong nylon filaments.
Shear Strength is very high due to the weaving density, insuring the closure will not come apart.
Hooks and loops are aligned to maximize hook and loop biting and durability.
Peel strength was designed so the hook and look can be peeled apart, but will take some effort.
Python uses eco-friendly dyes without Azo or heavy metals.
Our hook and loop tape, when tested to military requirements # A-A-55126A, Python hook and loop exceeds military requirements in every area tested (H refers to Hook, L refers to Loop).


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