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Sidewinder Ej-1650 Teflon Glass Sleeve

The Teflon Glass Sleeve is used for high temperature applications requiring a wear resistant cover, resistance to acid chemical, resistance to adhesion from tar, asphalt, paint and other coatings that traditionally build up on a surface.
It also is widely used as protection for cables and wiring on sensors and harnesses on engine applications.
Additional uses for this product are welding shields, engine intake temp control, and battery cable covers.
  • Material: Teflon coated fiberglass
  • Temperature Range: 550°F (287°C) constant 650°F (343°C) intermittent, core fabric 1000°F (537°C)
  • Abrasion Resistance: Good – intermittent low force contact 
  • Puncture/Tear: Excellent – difficult to randomly puncture or tear 
  • UV Protection: Excellent – best barrier, meets EN13458-1, top rating of 80 new 
  • Chemicals: Excellent – inert coating supports use where oils, chemicals, caustic and acids are present without degrading 
  • Wicking: Excellent non wicking


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