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Sidewinder 40 HDA Heavy Duty Abrasion Sleeve



The Heavy Duty Abrasion Sidewinder Sleeve is best for tough outdoor applications such as covering hose used on the ground, mud pumping for well drilling, remote construction tools and anywhere where severe abrasion protection is needed.
  • Material: Proprietary Polymer Coated 1500 Denier Substrate 40oz. sq. yd
  • Temperature Range: Ambient –35°F (-37°C) to + 225°F (107°C)
  • Abrasion Resistance: Outstanding, tough, heavy weight. Meets ISO 6945 Specifications, 500,000+ cycles
  • Puncture/Tear: Excellent
  • UV Protection: Excellent; meets EN13758-1, top rating of 80 New
  • Chemicals: Very good resistance to water, petroleum products, and detergents
  • Wicking: Non Wicking
  • - MSHA approved, MSHA - IC289


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