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Ultra Clean UC-PVS-III

Cleaning hose, tube or pipe has never been easier! Cleaning just takes seconds to perform and ISO 13/10 levels are achievable! Ultra Clean is the only manufacturer that offers a variety of options for cleaning hose, hose assemblies, tube, and pipe up to 4½” ID.
We also offer a production model bench-mountable launcher, projectile verifications system and automatic projectile loading system for production facilities.
The Projectile Verification System ensures that no projectile is left in a hose, tube or pipe! The system is designed for various applications but is most beneficial in high-volume fabrication facilities where speed and efficiency are a priority.
The system provides peace-of-mind that each line is cleaned according to specifications and that each projectile has successfully exited the assembly. Three cleaning modes allow specific cleaning for various levels of contamination.
The Projectile Verification System (PVS) is comprised of two units: the Control Station (p/n: UC-CS) and the Containment Barrel (p/n: UC-CB)1. These two units are used in conjunction with the Ultra Clean Bench Mount Launcher (p/n: UC-BM1.25) and/or the Ultra Clean PVS Launcher (p/n: UC-HL-PVS) to clean hoses, tubes, or pipe.
The control station is the “brain” of the unit. It controls the air-flow and counts the projectiles & faults. The Containment Barrel is the receptacle. It has a banner sensor in the chute assembly that triggers the control station to turn off the air once the projectile has entered the barrel.



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