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Pneumatic Group Products - Pneumatic Valves

TECO carries a complete selection of pneumatic valves including: Solenoid, Manual, Process, and Proportional.  

Pneumatic Valves
Pneumatic Valves Solenoid Operated Valves

Solenoid valves offered in a range of voltages and flow rates.  Please contact us for help selecting the…

Pneumatic Valves Air Pilot-Operated Valves

Air Pilot Valves use a remote air signal to shift the valve and internal air pressure, or spring, to return the…

Pneumatic Valves Manual & Mechanically Operated Valves

Basic pneumatic valves for On-Off control, clamping, pilot signaling, and logic control.  Available with…

Pneumatic Valves Proportional Valves

Proportional valves are used to convert an electrical variable input to a controlled pressure or flow.