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Linear Bearings, Pads, Shims and Brakes.  Dynamic Pivots, Manifolds, Gravity Rollers and Stanchions.

Add-on Components
Add-on Components Linear Bearings/UniBearings

      Linear bearings enable you to add repeated motion and movement to your project. 

Add-on Components UniBearing Assemblies

      UniBearings differ from traditional linear bearings in that it is adjustable for a range…

Add-on Components Linear Bearing/UniBearing Pads

      The Linear Bearing/UniBearing pads are used to create custom bearings. The designs allow…

Add-on Components Linear Bearing Brake Kits, Shims & Pad Profiles

      Linear bearing brake kits add an adjustable stop to any brake-ready bearing by securing it…

Add-on Components Dynamic Pivot Nubs & Dynamic Pivot Arms

      Dynamic pivots are typically used to create axial motion ranging from 0 to 180 degrees.

Add-on Components Dynamic Pivot Assemblies

      Dynamic Pivot assemblies are used to create dynamic pivots that are either perpendicular…

Add-on Components Pivot Brackets & Pivot Bracket Assemblies

      Pivot brackets and Pivot bracket assemblies are commonly used to add motion to certain elements…

Add-on Components Pressure Manifolds & Plates

      Manifolds are used to add a pressurized substance, such as liquids or air, into the center…

Add-on Components Stanchions & Stanchion Clamps

      Stanchions are used to create an additional axis.

Add-on Components Gravity Roller Components

      The gravity roller is typically used with gravity roller mounting blocks and T-slot profiles…