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Automation Group Products - PLCs

IDEC brought some of the first micro-Programmable Logic Controllers to the market, and has been meeting your changing control automation needs for decades. Our controllers meet the highest standards for safety, flexibility and value. Whether it is system flexibility, space saving, ease of maintenance or powerful programming features, IDEC's programmable logic controllers along with exceptional product support will exceed your expectations.

PLCs IDEC MicroSmart FC6A

  MicroSmart FC6A , a powerful PLC with up to 520 digital I/O and 126 analog I/O. The MicroSmart FC6A provides…

PLCs IDEC SmartAXIS Series Controllers

Presenting FT1A, the newest family of SmartAXIS controllers from the industry’s original manufacturer of…

PLCs IDEC MicroSmart Expansion Modules

  IDEC offers an array of digital expansion modules with DC inputs, AC inputs, relay outputs and transistor…