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Automation Group Products - Photoelectric Sensors

TECO offers a complete line of photoelectric sensors in different sizes and technologies including: Background suppression, Retro-reflective, and the new smart reflect sensors.

Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors Diffuse Sensors

Diffuse sensor with background suppression – precise and extremely color-independent „„Aline…

Photoelectric Sensors Retro reflective Sensors

Retro-reflective sensor – the light barrier also for reflective surfaces „„Consistently high excess gain…

Photoelectric Sensors SmartReflect Sensors

SmartReflect – The light barrier without a reflector „„Highly reliable object detection thanks to the…

Photoelectric Sensors Laser Sensors

Laser sensors for distance measuring.

Photoelectric Sensors Through Beam Sensors

Detection of objects at a great distance, monitoring of doors and entrances, and reliable detection of high-gloss…

Photoelectric Sensors Hygienic & Washdown Sensors

Baumers line of Hygienic and washdown sensors include the following advantages: EHEDG- Certified, FDA compliant,…

Photoelectric Sensors Edge Sensors

Measuring of edge positions, object width, gap dimensions and center positions.