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Photoelectric, Inductive, Capacitive, Laser, Ultrasonic, Light Curtains, and Encoders.  Please contact a TECO Sales Representative for more information and help in selective the appropriate sensor for your application.

Automation Sensors
Automation Sensors Inductive Sensors

Contactless detection of metal objects.   Includes miniature sensors with fully integrated processing electronics…

Automation Sensors Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Measure all media with high accuracy.  Material-independent object and filling level detection.

Automation Sensors Photoelectric Sensors

TECO offers a complete line of photoelectric sensors in different sizes and technologies including: Background…

Automation Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors

Used in a variety of applications where a photoelectric sensors can't be used.  Offered in distrance…

Automation Sensors Level Sensors

Reliable differentiation feature of media that might be electrostatic, sticky, pasty, or have a high or low viscosity…

Automation Sensors Vision Sensors

Part identification and inspection with the use of Baumer's line of vision products.  Includes vision…

Automation Sensors Encoders

Available in both rotary and linear configurations.

Automation Sensors My-Com Precision Mechanical Switches

With a repeat accuracy of 1 micron, the My-Com® remains undisputedly the most accurate and most compact mechanical…