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Pneumatic Group Products - Linear Actuators

We offer quality cylinder products from Allenair, Control-Air, Fabco-Air, Humphey Products, Koganei, Numatics and Watson Pneumatics. We have bore sizes from timy to gigantic. You can choose from light duty "throw-away" cylinders to the most robust actuators with included precision bearing guides. If you don't see what you want, give us a call and we'll get it for you.

Linear Actuators
Linear Actuators Tie Rod Style Cylinders

TECO provides tie rod cylinders, some of which are NFPA interchangeable pneumatic cylinders, in Steel, Aluminum…

Linear Actuators Rodless Actuators

TECO has several different rodless solutions including band style & magnetically coupled style rodless cylinder…

Linear Actuators Stainless Tube Non-Repairable Cylinders

The ever popular stainless tube non-repairable pneumatic cylinders are available from 2.5 mm bore thru 3"…

Linear Actuators ISO Cylinders

Cylinders conform to the ISO standards as specified for each product

Linear Actuators Compact Actuators

TECO sells many different styles of compact cylinders all designed to fit in tight places.  We carry round…

Linear Actuators Small Bore Cylinders

Several choices for your small cylinder needs

Linear Actuators Round Type Repairable

Allenair carries air cylinders of many types, including pneumatic, low pressure hydraulic, small bore, stainless,…

Linear Actuators Diaphragm Cylinders

Friction-free conversion of pneumatic pressure to linear force

Linear Actuators Block and Multi-Mount Cylinders

Block cylinders are so named becasue they have a square or rectangular body. This body type is often easier to…

Linear Actuators Guided Linear Actuators

Guided Linear Actuators extend the usefulness of actuators by adding support and precision to the extending and…

Linear Actuators Twin Rod Cylinders

Twin Rod Cylinders provide a robust non-rotating cylinder in a compact package.