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Video Transcript

So a two-way valve is the simplest of all valves. You can have a two-way valve in pretty much any pneumatic system. They're the most simple. In our example, we're going to simply take a two-way push button valve. Two-way just means there is only two things that can be happening. It's either on or it's off. And the push button, well, that's just the way we're going to make that happen. We could have a, a lever, we could have electricity, we could have any sorts of ways to make it happen. But all we're doing with the push button is simply actuating, making the valve change from one state to the other, and it's a two-way valve. So the only two states, state number one is off, means the air is going to the valve, but it's not going through the valve. state two as I come along and I push the button, sit on the button, kick the button, whatever, and now the air is going through the valve and downstream to wherever we've got our tubing going to. It could be going to a balloon, it could be going to all sorts of other things, but that's all the two-way valve is. It's either on or it is off.


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